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CapitaLand #100KHopeHours Challenge

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    Timberland & Connectuer

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    Phaser 3, HTML5


Heritage Trail

Web App
Game Design & Dev

In celebration of SG50, CapitaLand Group in Singapore combined its annual Volunteer Day and Family Day for the CapitaLand #100KHopeHours Challenge Experiential Heritage Trail on 3 October 2015. More than 1,600 staff, their family and friends as well as business associates and community volunteers registered for event to discover more about the country’s history, learns to overcome some of the hardships of disadvantaged children and earn donations from CapitaLand Hope Foundation for President’s Challenge.

& Goals

The CapitaLand #100KHopeHours Challenge Experiential Heritage Trail project was developed to commemorate SG50 by merging CapitaLand’s annual Volunteer Day and Family Day into a cohesive community initiative. The primary objective was to engage participants, including CapitaLand staff, their families, friends, business associates, and community volunteers, in a meaningful activity that celebrated Singapore’s history while supporting disadvantaged children through donations to the CapitaLand Hope Foundation for the President’s Challenge.

Inclusive Disability
Simulation Games

During the CapitaLand #100KHopeHours Challenge Experiential Heritage Trail project, three interactive games were developed to simulate dyslexia, hearing impairment, and visual impairment, aiming to educate participants about these disabilities and foster empathy. Despite challenges like the haze, which led to moving activities indoors, the games remained central to the event’s educational focus and participant engagement. They provided an immersive experience that raised awareness and encouraged empathy among attendees, reflecting CapitaLand’s commitment to social responsibility and community engagement during the SG50 celebrations.

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Read Me


What Sign

What Sign

Hearing Impairment

Shine A Light

Shine A Light

Visual Impairment

The project exemplified CapitaLand’s dedication to combining corporate social responsibility with community involvement, leveraging the SG50 milestone to create a lasting impact on both participants and beneficiaries.