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Blue Heart

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The La Mer Blue Heart initiative gives back to the ocean through awareness programmes, partnerships with environmental advocates, and donations via the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund. This campaign aims to protect marine habitats worldwide, ensuring healthy seas for future generations.

& Goals

To engage La Mer existing customers in the brand’s mission to protect the oceans through an interactive and educational experience that drives commitment to environmental action and amplifies awareness via social media.


Interactive Quiz

Create a fun, lighthearted quiz to educate advocates on ocean conservation, highlighting key facts and challenges to make learning engaging and memorable.

Commitment to Action

Encourage participants to commit to specific ocean conservation actions upon completing the quiz, capturing their information for future engagement and follow-up.

Social Media Amplification

Inspire advocates to share their quiz results and commitments on social media, creating a ripple effect to spread awareness and encourage others to join the cause.

The Blue Heart initiative, with its interactive quiz, has sparked strong interest and action in ocean conservation, demonstrating participants’ commitment to preserving our oceans.

Strong interest
and engagement
New Leads
Driving growth with
effective lead generation
Dedicated to achieving
ocean conservation objectives