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Naughty or Nice?

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    Microsoft Kinect

Tampines 1

Naughty or nice?

Game Development
Nicrosoft Kinect

In the Christmas season of 2015, Tampines1 mall introduced an interactive Kinect game in its foyer. This festive attraction, featuring “nice” green gnomes and “naughty” red gnomes, aimed to immerse visitors in a lively holiday experience, simulating a Santa’s gift factory.

& Goals

The primary objective was to create a festive, engaging environment that enhanced the shopping experience. Goals included increasing foot traffic, boosting visitor engagement, and reinforcing the mall’s family-friendly, festive brand image.


Interactive Technology

Utilized Microsoft Kinect technology to create a responsive, interactive game where participants could choose to mimic the poses of naughty red gnomes or throw presents at the nice green gnomes. This setup made the experience dynamic and fun, appealing to all ages.

Festive Theming

The game was set against a backdrop of Christmas decorations, with the mall’s foyer transformed into a Santa’s gift factory. Festive lights, music, and themed decorations enhanced the immersive experience, making the environment lively and magical.

Promotion and Visibility

The campaign was promoted through mall-wide signage, social media, and in-mall announcements, ensuring high visibility and encouraging participation. Strategic placement in the foyer maximized foot traffic and engagement, attracting families and holiday shoppers.

Seamless Development & Deployment Processes

After-Hours Installation and System Testing: Setting Up Our Interactive Game Across Multiple Devices in the Mall

The activation successfully increased foot traffic and visitor engagement. Positive feedback highlighted the unique and festive nature of the experience. The campaign strengthened Tampines1’s brand as a family-friendly destination and encouraged repeat visits and word-of-mouth promotion.