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Supercharged ANRcade

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    Timberland & Connectuer

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    Phaser 3, HTML5

Estée Lauder

Supercharged ANRcade

Entry Management

During Estée Lauder’s #1 Supercharged ANRcade Event in September 2022, a microsite and interactive arcade-themed games engaged participants physically. Guided by a globally-led thematic direction, the event showcased Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (ANR) product line creatively amid eased COVID-19 restrictions. Participants, previously confined to virtual activities, found joy in interactive engagement, potentially deepening their emotional connection with the brand.

& Goals

The objectives of the project were multifaceted, aiming to establish a central hub for event details, implement a registration system featuring QR-based VIP passes, and effectively generate leads.

Additionally, the microsite aimed to foster physical interaction through engaging arcade-style games, enhancing participant involvement with Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (ANR) campaign. The marketing strategy focused on skincare enthusiasts and current Estée Lauder clientele, informed by thorough competitor analysis to optimize both design and functionality of the microsite.

Mini Arcade Games

Targeting skincare enthusiasts and current Estée Lauder customers, the project utilized competitor analysis to inform its design and functionality decisions.

In addition to these efforts, we developed two interactive games, “Supercharge” and “Power Up Cycle”, specifically for the event. These games were designed to further engage participants and reinforce Estée Lauder’s message during the #1 Supercharged ANRcade Event.



An interactive vending machine dispensing Estée Lauder trial kits.

Power Up Cycle

Power Up Cycle

Cycle on a physical cycling machine to charge the ANR bottle, powering up a screen meter.

The microsite successfully facilitated Estée Lauder’s ANRcade Event, achieving high engagement and conversion rates. It effectively broke pandemic norms by incorporating innovative physical engagement, resulting in a unique and memorable experience for participants.

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